The spookiest month of the year is here, and again this year the city of Sioux Falls has a way for you to get into the spirit of the Halloween season.

The downtown "Sioux Falls Scavenger Haunt" is back.

Residents of the Sioux Empire once again have the opportunity to learn about all the different haunted spots throughout downtown. And who knew, there were so many!

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Haunted locations range from right behind the Old Courthouse Museum, to the Anne Zabel Studio, to the Orpheum Theatre to all the scariest spots inside the Sioux Falls Washington Pavilion. Supposedly there are a total of thirty different haunted locations up and down Phillips Avenue.

Our friend Mitchell Olson stopped by Dakota News Now on Monday morning to reveal some of the spooky secrets surrounding the Sioux Falls Scavenger Haunt.

Scavenger haunts are comprised of 2 to 6 people who take self-guided journies learning all about the different haunts up and down Phillips Avenue. Participants also get to answer fun tricky clues along the way.

According to Olson, scavenger haunts are typically held on Tuesday and Thursday nights in October. Although, he recommends you check out this website for exact dates and start times. Each haunt takes about two hours to complete.

These scavenger haunts are family-friendly, so kiddos are welcome to come along.

What is the most haunted spot in downtown Sioux Falls?


Olson told Dakota News Now, the Sioux Falls Orpheum Theatre holds that title. The Orpheum is the home to a poltergeist named "Larry," who has haunted the downtown theatre for over 50 years. Word has it that Larry lives downstairs in the Orpheum and has a well-documented history of being somewhat of a prankster. He likes to turn the water on and off, and flush toilets according to Olson.

Reputation has it that Larry was an actor that was denied a prize role. By his history, I would have guessed that maybe he was a plumber or a custodian in his past life, given his fascination with water and bathroom fixtures.

Regardless, I guess Larry has a reputation for being a friendly ghost. So you don't have to worry about him stalking you while carrying a toilet auger.

You can get all the details that surround this paranormal downtown adventure by visiting

Source: Dakota News Now

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