I'm not big into gardening. A couple of tomato plants and that's about it. But I can't help but appreciate people that spend the time and put the effort into gardening.

This past weekend, the weather was perfect. A mid 70 degree day here in Sioux Falls found shoppers crowding into the gardening centers that have popped up all over town. Saturday was probably the busiest I've seen the Lewis Store at 26th and Sycamore. Ever! Of course, it was Mothers Day weekend and I'm sure that added to the fury, but it was a crazy day to do some shopping.

Sunday, my wife and I headed out to do some shopping ourselves. She wanted to put some pots together for the front of the house and around the garage. I at the last minute decided I'd take another run at some tomato plants. I'm not big into the gardening scene, but had a couple of pots so I thought I'd give them a try again this year.

I have brothers who farm in the Kennebec-Presho area here in the state. I also hear from friends and others who are busy planting fields. Corn planting seems to be wrapping up for the most part and farmers are moving on to beans.

This afternoon, I made a quick road trip over the lunch hour and saw corn already coming up. Soon the first cutting of alfalfa will be laying down in fields across the area.

I guess it doesn't matter if you large scale farm in the country, or  just have a few things planted around the house. It's spring time in South Dakota.

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