Thursday, I posed the question on our Facebook page. It went like this.

I'm working on a very 'unscientific study.' I'm looking for the 'fastest, easiest way to get the frost off your windshield in the morning. I need your help! If you park outside, what are your tips and tricks to a clear windshield before you drive! (you'll be helping me write the story so thanks ahead of time!) JD

As usual, Kickin' Country came to the rescue with all kinds of great ideas including one that kept coming up.  Let's take a look at some of the responses!

Some of the responses were pretty common sense, like:

Bill VanderVorstI have a piece of cardboard that I lay over my windshield and is held down by the frost at all. Looks tacky but better than having to freeze and scrap windows or let your vehicle run for 20 mins to de-ice.

Some were pretty practical:

John BruggemanIf you have kids, make them scrape your windows. Boom solved.

Some of the responders were a bit 'irked' by drivers lack of preparation.

Shelley Anderson start your car early! see alot.of people.driving in sioux falls without alot of there windows not all scraped! very unsafe!

This responder must have been into time management:

Lisa Jones Foley When you wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom or get a drink or what ever else people do in the middle of the night..........hit the automatic start so there are a few layers taken off by the time you need to start your day!

This gal must have watched McGyver when she was growing up. She said:

JoAnne Stevens Blow dryer.

Here's to long extension cords.  I guess that's why they make those 100 footers.  How about this suggestion complete with a dab of humor:

Mark Kafka My parents had old rugs they would lay on windshield, otherwise put your foot up on the dash and just kick it out, then get yourself a pair of aviator goggles!

Yeah Mark! Right. The ride to work in Sioux Falls is already interesting enough.  Someone pulls up to you at 57th and Minnesota wearing aviator goggles might make one choke on their coffee!

Some people take advantage of their marital status:

Molly Scherff Strategically plan my morning to leave 15 minutes after my husband goes outside so he can start my car!

Some people use whatever is handy to clear the frost from their windshield and I do mean whatever!

Vani Peggan-Foul I use my clock in card from work LOL

This gal found a cure at a store, but one you probably pay a pretty penny for:

Nicole Polreis There is a spray you can buy. It's called Heet windshield deicer. Work amazing and it's better than doing the washer fluid because that frosts back over when it's that cold out and you have to keep wasting washer fluid.

That leaves us to the exciting conclusion of this quest for clear windshields in a frosty environment. I don't know if Heloise had anything to do with it, or but it looks intriguing!  Several listeners suggested it.

Kathy Frerk 2/3 white vinegar and 1/3 water in a spray bottle! You will be amazed!!

Wait a minute.  Low Cost?  Environmentally friendly?  Could it be!  You can be sure of one thing, we're mixing up a batch and will most likely have a video to either bust the myth or prove it true.  Who would have thought!  Vinegar and Water!  Cool, you're car will smell like your coloring Easter eggs! But if it means a clear windshield and a safer ride to work or school, we're all for it.

Oh, one more comment that caught my attention and I might add, Scott you are the man!

Scott Hillard Just park on the south side of your house, but not too close. About 600 miles away usually works!






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