On Sunday my wife spent a couple hours in the garden getting everything picked and pulled. Absentmindedly, I wondered why. Then answered my own stupid question, that the first frost is coming.

According to the Farmer's Almanac, the average first frost for Sioux Falls was Monday, September 24.

"With cool air moving into the region from Canada the first week in October, it is possible that temperatures will dip below freezing," said Laura Edwards, SDSU Extension State Climatologist.

Data released by NOAA shows that October has a good chance of being colder than average for the eastern half of South Dakota, and even more below average for the southeastern corner of the state.

One Month Outlook/NOAA.gov
One Month Outlook/NOAA.gov

My favorite part about the fall and the first frost is the killing off of mosquitoes. But I learned today that they don't actually die, they hibernate. If they were putting on their winter coat they obviously fed off of me for half of it.

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