You may have heard the saying, "If at first, you don't succeed, try, try again."  But what happens when you succeed on your first try?

That's what happened to an Australian man who, for the first time bought a Scratch'n'Win ticket and scored $100,000 Australian dollars, or about $70,000 US dollars.

According to the official press release, the man stopped by the Morley North News store to play the OZ Lottery, but the ticket purchase wasn't enough to meet the store's minimum purchase amount.

The clerk asked if he would like to buy a "scratchie" to make up the difference.

The man said, “I scratched it in the car and had to go back and check to see if what I’d won was right because I’ve never bought a scratchie before.”

The money will go toward completing his education and to help him become an Australian citizen.  Before that though, he will celebrate by having a tomahawk steak.

The owner of the Morley North News store who sold the winning ticket got paid as well.  Anna Chung was surprised when the winner came back to thank her.

Chung said, "He came in with a box of chocolates and shared $300 of his winnings with us to say thank you for convincing him to buy a Scratch’n’Win ticket.”

“It was a very generous gift. He is a very sweet guy and the money will go towards a new bed for my daughter.”

Maybe the guy should consider quitting while he's ahead!

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