A man from Oregon was a multimillionaire for over a month and didn't know it.

Christopher Sargent won $5.7 million in the Oregon Lottery and told officials that the carried the ticket around in his wallet for over a month because he "simply forgot about it."

On August 24, Sargent and his wife bought the winning ticket from the Plaid Pantry store in Portland.

A month later Sargent was back at the Plaid Pantry and remembered that he had the ticket. When he had the clerk scan the ticket, the clerk said, 'It looks like you need to go to Salem."

Sargent double-checked the numbers at home and confirmed that he actually won the $5.7 million jackpot.

Before Sargent could turn the ticket in at the ticket lottery office, he had to hide it somewhere besides his wallet. "I put it in a baggie and hid it behind an Incredible Hulk action figure," Sargent said. "I figured it would be safe there."

The couple chose to split the jackpot prize and each selected the 30-year annuity payment option. After taxes, Sargent and his wife will each receive a $64,600 per year for 30 years.

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