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A man from Australia was given a scratch-off lottery ticket by his girlfriend for his birthday.

No big deal, right? However, this ticket was a jackpot winner. That's slightly better than socks or a gift card to a restaurant.

The winner's girlfriend told officials from The Lott, "For his birthday, we went out for dinner and we scratched it there and then."

She thought the ticket was a winner but not the jackpot. The next day, the couple took the ticket back to the store and the clerk said the prize was too big to payout there.

It was then that they knew it was a jackpot winner for $250,000. "We didn't believe it," the girlfriend said. "We still don't believe it!"

The couple is pinching themselves thinking this must be a dream. "We didn't believe it. We still don't believe it," the woman said. "I just keep thinking 'Oh, my God. Is this real life?' It's crazy. It's still so surreal!"

The couple already has plans for the cash including putting a downpayment on a house and each buying new cars.

She said, "It's honestly amazing. I still can't believe it."

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