Time. It's a funny thing. One day you're a kid wondering if your birthday will ever come. When you get a little later on in years birthdays come by so fast you feel like things are out of control.

Tuesday, I took the day off from work to take our youngest son out to buy his first car. He had been driving the old Cavalier, but was involved in an accident so we were kinda forced to quicken up the timetable of buying a different car. We found one. He likes it. Cross another milestone off the list.

I remember the first car I bought. It was from Harry Knust in Chamberlain, South Dakota. Harry K Chevrolet. It was a white Oldsmobile Omega.

It was a nice looking little car. Nothing special. But I remember the mounds of papers that I had to sign. I also remember my dad watching and wondering the same things I was wondering on Tuesday. Is that too much to spend? Are you going to be vigilant with your payments?

It's a big day. Buying your first car. You get the payments, you get the insurance, oh and the gas and oil are on you too. It kind of felt like a relay race yesterday and i was just handing off the baton.

It's also kind of a conversation starter. So, I'll open it up to you. What was the first car you bought? By yourself? Oh, and don't worry if it dates you a bit. By the way, it was a 1980 Olds Omega. You can do the math.

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