Seems like everyone has a favorite road. Most of the time it's a road you don't get to travel every day.

Recently, a friend and I were on a pheasant hunting trip in the Presho-Kennebec, South Dakota area. If you're familiar with the turf, you know what I'm talking about when I say Old, Old 16. Yep, not the paved road that runs next to I-90, but the mostly gravel road that runs next to it.

I like the road because it links up so much history. Yes, it connects Kennebec and Presho, South Dakota, but it also crosses Medicine Creek 3 times. Once at Jim Anderson's (Jake and Annie Vollmer) once west of the place I grew up and again as you pull into Presho.

Pic by JD Collins/KIKN-FM-Sprint Sioux Falls
Pic by JD Collins/KIKN-FM-Sprint Sioux Falls

I also like it because we took it often. Mostly when we weren't in a hurry and just wanted to see something along the way.

I stopped to take the picture on an absolutely perfect evening. There were actually deer in the CRP next to the road. When we stopped we were coming up on the old Anderson place and almost south of the old Brakke Heritage Farm where Dean and Marion used to live.

It is without a doubt one of my favorite roads in South Dakota. One of my favorites possibly in the world.

How about you? Where's your favorite back road?

By the way, pheasant hunting was awesome in Lyman County. Plenty of birds and a picture-perfect day.

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