My wife and I made a trip to the river to visit friends this past weekend.  If you've been in the Armour or Pickstown area you know that 'they are wet!'   Real wet.  The corn looks incredible.  The soybeans look unbelievable.   That's why I wanted to show the difference.

Last fall while we were out pheasant hunting, I took a picture of a fence line where the dirt had been blowing in the hot South Dakota wind.  It was ugly to say the least.  Now, you look at the most recent picture taken with my Samsung Galaxy S4 I use courtesy of Sprint in Sioux Falls.

I didn't take the greatest picture.  I could have a bluer sky.  But look how lush the ditch is.  This is the SAME ditch where last year was nothing but dirt against the bales.  The bales are there, you just can't see them on the other side of the vegetation!  If you look closely, you can see the grass actually growing up in between the recently cut hay!

Dan and Joe are working on taking the fence out and spreading the 'blow dirt' back out over the field.

It's just another illustration to what we say all the time.  If you don't like the weather in South Dakota, just wait.  It'll change.  Oh, want to see what it looked like last year?