With so much attention being paid to impaired and distracted driving, many of us are apparently overlooking the first rule of traffic safety - slow down! If you're like many - maybe even most drivers - seems like the posted speed limit is more of a suggestion rather than a law, not only in the bigger cities but also in rural areas.

The Governors Highway Safety Association is out with a new report showing that on any given day in this country, between a quarter to one-third of traffic fatalities are related to excessive speed. They say drunken, drugged and distracted driving are top-of-mind for American drivers; but speeding has somehow taken a back seat.

As a result, the Governors Highway Safety Association is planning a major public awareness campaign to get drivers to slow down. They say changing drivers' habits is tough because we're conditioned to "want to get where we're going as fast as we can."

To read more about the report, click on the link below.

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