Usually, a day can go from bad to worse when you see flashing lights behind you and you receive a ticket for driving too fast.

Recently a South Dakota man met an officer while being pulled over for speeding, and even though he received a fine for being a lead foot, the man found the encounter to be surprisingly positive. The result, he sent a thank you note to the officer's department.

The thank you note, sent to the Walworth County Sheriff's Department, said that Deputy Travis Bentz was just doing his job by issuing the ticket. The author of the note also made it clear that Deputy Bentz appeared to be passionate about his job and that there should be more officers like him.

The sender of the note, Judd Sopoci, did not reveal how fast he was speeding or the price of the ticket. He said officers often have a thankless job and deserve respect and gratitude for their work.

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