It all began in 1974. Me becoming a South Dakotan I mean.

So far I've lived in seven South Dakota towns (I'd like to keep it at seven, please Boss, I promise I'll work harder). I was happy in them all and now I come to find out this:

None of the seven is the happiest town in the state.

Now, I've lived in Winner (a happy town for me thanks to the Peacock, the Pheasant, and Dick's), Aberdeen (one happy town except the location of the radio station I worked at was, uh, less than desirable), Volga (happy? You bet, lots of Dutch!), Brookings (hey, happy home of SDSU and several thousand great people!), Sturgis ( a very happy town, especially for a couple weeks in early August), Rapid City (really, really happy when they see those out-of-state license plates) and Sioux Falls (we're a happy bunch here and welcoming lots of new happy people every year).

But apparently, none of those are the happiest. Gee, is it something I did?

According to a website called Credit Donkey (yes, Credit Donkey, I guess people can call their sites anything they want!), the happiest town in the entire state is along the border. No, not that border, the border with Corn Husker nation.

The Donkey says Yankton is South Dakota's happiest city!

Well, I've never lived there, and maybe that's the reason! I've visited Yankton a bunch of times through the years and honestly, I can't disagree with the finding. Every time I've been there, I've found folks wave back when i wave (and not with an upraised finger), they smile and are friendly. So I better not ruin their happiness by moving there.

So the task in front of us in Sioux Falls is simple: Smile more, give a friendly 'How Do' to the folks around you and keep one very, very big secret: I live here.