We live in a world where social media runs rampant. We all like to use websites like Facebook and Twitter, but for a good amount of us we try and keep our online image positive.

The way you present yourself online has a lot to do now with getting jobs and being considered for positions. It also is now used as a tool to judge a person (whether positive or negative) and give a first impression at times.

Five Labs released a personality tests that links to your Facebook. The test scans your Facebook page and ranks you based on openness, extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and neuroticism.

You can then compare your statistics to your other friends on Facebook and see how they rank.

Give it a shot. My results popped up near my name and gave me Cautious, Solitary, Disciplined, Sensitive, and Friendly. I'd say that sums me up pretty well.

And for fun, here is Bill Nye's (The Science Guy) personality results.

Bill Nye Personality
Jing/Five Labs


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