If you are a guy or have ever been around any you know it is only a matter of time at any gathering before egos will be challenged.

A good old fashioned push up contest has been set and settled around many family gatherings throughout history. Science has set a number we should shoot for.

From a story in Study Finds:

Here’s one way to predict your heart health: get down and give me 41. A new study finds that men who can perform at least 40 push-ups in one attempt are much less likely to suffer from heart disease within the next 10 years.

Researchers from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public health say their report is the first to show how push-up capacity is linked to heart disease. They found that middle-aged men who can log more than 40 push-ups in a single try have a 96% reduced risk of developing the potentially deadly condition and other related ailments, such as heart failure, compared to those who can complete no more than 10 push-ups.

For the entire Study Finds story click here.

All right hit the floor guys and see what you got!

Source: Study Finds

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