Do you think we're to the point where's there's actually too much technology available to people? Apparently some at Microsoft think so. According to an article by the BBC, Microsoft is warning businesses about something called 'technology distractions.'

Technology distractions? I was under the impression "technology" was suppose to make our lives easier - at least, that's what I was led to believe. I'm actually old enough to remember when computers first showed up in the workplace and I specifically remember someone telling me, "Trust me, it'll make your life easier."

That's funny!

Fast forward to today, and with the emails and notifications and messages we all receive everyday, something called "technostress" is now becoming commonplace.

In fact, there's a whole field now called 'technostress' in management science that deals with "the adverse consequences of adopting novel computer systems or software."

According to a study that included 21 European nations, only 11.4% said they felt they were being productive. Most said they felt overwhelmed.

Experts quoted within the article said "technologies can overload people making them less productive because they get caught up in it rather than use it to deliver a service or a product.

So the next time you take vacation and feel the urge to check your work emails, think back to this article. How about you de-technostress instead?

Source: BBC

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