What happens when you combine a big burger with a sumptuous sub sandwich? We are about to find out, kind of. Burger King Is buying a Sub-Sandwich Chain for $1 billion.

On Monday Burger King's parent company, Restaurant Brands International, announced Monday it bought Firehouse Subs for $1 billion.

There are 12 Burger King locations in Sioux Falls and there are 2 Firehouse Sub locations in the city.

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Restaurant Brands International owns Burger King, Popeyes, and Tim Hortons franchises.

Firehouse Subs was founded in 1994 in Jacksonville, Florida by brothers Chris and Robin Sorensen who were had both been firefighters.

There are around 1,200 Firehouse Subs locations across the United States.

Burger King was founded in 1953 in Miami, Florida. It was originally known as “Insta-Burger King. There are around 18,000 Burger King locations across the United States.

Restaurant Brands CEO Jose Cil said in a statement to CNBC, “We see tremendous potential to accelerate U.S. and international growth at Firehouse Subs with RBI’s development expertise, global franchisee network, and digital capabilities.”

The Most Popular Selling Items on the Burger King menu include:

  1. Whopper.
  2. French Fries.
  3. Whopper Jr.
  4. Ghost Pepper Nuggets.
  5. Chicken Garden Salad.
  6. Strawberry Banana Smoothie.
  7. Bacon King.
  8. Strawberry Milk Shake

The Most Popular Selling Items on the Firehouse Subs menu include:

  1. BBQ Cuban Sub.
  2. Hook & Ladder Sub.
  3. Meatball Sub.
  4. Italian Sub.
  5. Smokehouse Beef & Cheddar Brisket Sub.
  6. Steak & Cheese Sub.
  7. Spicy Cajun Chicken Sub.
  8. Turkey Sub.

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