The first objective when driving a car is to arrive at your destination. The second, though equally important, is to not collide with others en route. That was one of the more maddening things that Sioux Falls drivers did around me in the last week.

Speed Up to Slow Down

Heading back to work after my lunch break at Wendy's on Highline Drive, I took the scenic route through east side neighborhoods where I lived for a while 15 years ago. I came out on 26th Street to get on the Racetrack (I-229). Another vehicle, a Honda SUV-ish type vehicle was ahead of me going down the on-ramp. They did what most people do in Sioux Falls on an on-ramp, and top out at 45 mph until they merge. It was clear in the far left lane so I merged left behind them as they merged to the middle lane. As I accelerated they took off way faster. Having reached the speed limit and falling behind them, I merged right to the middle lane. Then it got stupid.

I was going 65 mph and the person driving this car slowed down to the point that I needed to change lanes again. So I merged left to pass. As my front bumper drew even with theirs, they once again hit the gas to leave me behind. I just started laughing and maintained my speed, with cruise control like a sane person does in light traffic, and waited them out. They backed off again and I was eventually able to pass. I don't think they meant to do it, they just suck at driving.

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Not Entering in Center Turn Lane, Just Running Peeps Off the Road

On the same day as the previous story, I was driving on 57th Street east toward the viaduct under I-229 (because I had enough of the Racetrack that day). I was more than a couple of car lengths behind the vehicle ahead of me when a car coming from Cink Place, the frontage road for JJ's and that strip mall on the north side of 57th street, turned left onto eastbound 57th street.

This looked to be one of those tools who breaks South Dakota law by entering traffic in the center turn lane. It was not. It was one of those tools who don't look before they merge in a negligent attempt to run others off the road. They turned into the left lane as correctly as they could have, had there not been a vehicle already occupying that space. The car ahead of me veered sharply into the right lane and laid on their horn as they changed lanes. It even appeared to me that they checked the lane before moving over, a seasoned move.

The best part was when jackwagon who ran the other car off the road stuck their arm out the window and flipped me the bird, apparently thinking I had been the rude one who had honked at them. I laughed the rest of the way home.

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The area is located between Prairie Avenue and Spring Avenue from west to east and 4th Street to 10th Street from north to south.

This part of town is also where you'll find Sioux Falls' most expensive AirBnB rental property.

It's listed on the site at 'Historic Victorian Inn Downtown'.

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