He is a Brandon, South Dakota Middle School student competing this week on a teenage version of Jeopardy? Who is Ryan Presler, Alex.

One of South Dakota's brightest teenagers is showing the Jeopardy world what he's got this week as he completes against other teenagers across the country, in a teen tournament of Jeopardy being filmed at the Sony Studios, in Culver City, California on Monday and Tuesday, (December 10 and 11th.)

As KSFY TV reports, Presler traveled to LA recently with his family in tow as a cheering squad to test his knowledge on the teenage version of America's favorite quiz show.

Jeopardy, hosted by Alex Trebek has been challenging contestants and home viewers for over 25 years, and now Ryan Presler of Brandon will get the opportunity to represent the Sioux Empire on the show as he via's for the $100,000 grand prize.

Kami Roesler, from KSFY TV, traveled to LA and had the chance to speak with Presler while in town filming the show. Presler said, he wasn't too nervous about being on Jeopardy, he also told Kami, that he hasn't studied very much in preparation for the show.

Kami isn't allowed to give out any spoilers on how Ryan is doing on the show since the episodes featuring Presler won't air until June of 2019.

But rest assured, Presler is no stranger to competition, according to KSFY, he also competed in the Scripps National Spelling Bee and made it to the third round earlier this year.

Good luck on the teenage version of Jeopardy Ryan, we'll all be rooting for you!

Source: KSFY TV

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