On the Bobby Bones Show, heard weekday mornings from 5 to 9 on 99-1 and 100.5 Kickin' Country, Lunchbox and Abby drove to Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas to dig for diamonds.

Lunchbox claimed that if he found a diamond that was worth $1 million, he would quit the show and buy a private island. But if he found a diamond worth $100,000, he would only take off for a few weeks.

They finally got to Arkansas on September 28 and began digging in the park. Lunchbox definitely looked the part in his bucket hat, gloves, and safety orange vest. He was asking other visitors for advice on what he should do to find a diamond. Would you tell him your diamond digging secrets?

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Well as you might expect, Lunchbox didn't find the diamond of his retirement dreams. On the way out, park employees assessed Lunchbox's haul. Some of the rocks were shinny, but it turns out they were only quartz, jasper, and lava but no diamonds.

So much for Lunchbox finding that million-dollar diamond and retiring. Maybe next time.

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