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It's the can-can-candiest time of the year! Halloween is sneaking upon us and the polls are out around the country. Maybe you've heard about 'the list' talking about the favorite candy in South Dakota. No surprise here, Snickers candy bar was tops.

No real surprise there. Set me up with a Snickers bar and an ice-cold Diet Coke in a can and and I'm good to go. Snickers do help when I'm feeling like a diva too! So, the whole candy thing got me thinking. What are the absolute worst candies you  encountered growing up? I have a top-five worst candies of all time!

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Number 5. We used to snicker about Annice, or any candy flavored with it while growing up. I've tried it, I don't care for it. And if you have never ever joked about the flavor and used the word as the 'butt of a joke or two let me know.

Number 4. Lemon Drops. I kind of liked them when I was a kid. I think I liked the thin layer of sugar on the little buggers. I'd get yelled at for sucking the sugar off them and then spitting the rest of the candy out. I gave them up for good after nearly choking to death on one. It finally went down my throat on the way to the doctors' office while my mother recklessly hammered the family station wagon to the doctors' office one hot summer afternoon.

Number 3. Anything, I mean anything with coconut in it. Candy and coconut do not mix. I don't care whether or not, you have, at one time or another, felt like a nut! Candy and anything that replicates soft, flexible, fresh-cut toe nails in the bottom of lukewarm bath water are not on my list of favorites.

Number 2. Bit-O-Honey. I remember my Dad trying to sell me on how good this one was. Then you'd fight a losing battle with the sectioned off, cavity pulling confection trying to peel the wax paper off. Try eating it on a day that is too hot or too cold and I'll circle back to the fact, there is a reason Bit-O-Honey isn't seen much around anymore.

Number 1. It's not even close. Unless you're one of the 2% in the world who like black licorice, and smiling with black teeth as you try to convince people that you do, chances are you agree. After all who hasn't joked about the name, or spit it out when it touched your tongue; Horehound candy. The name is laughable, the taste is intolerable. According to old-time

It might sound like a dirty word, but Horehound is anything but! This furry plant is known for its medicinal qualities and has been utilized as a household tonic for centuries. Today, Horehound is still used in cough drops and candies as a soothing sweet!

I'm ready to take the credit or the abuse. Am I wrong about the five worst candies in the history of modern man? I'd love to hear of your 'love' for the above-mentioned, otherwise, I'll take it as a high five attaboy, if you just share this story with your family and friends. Up next, what NOT to buy for Halloween handouts 2021.


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