When you're a parent, you only want the best for your children.  This especially includes sending them to a school where they can excel both in and out of the classroom. But the question is always, “Where is the best elementary school in town?”

The state of South Dakota has many schools that give students the opportunity to expand their minds and forge their paths in life. The Sioux Empire boasts plenty of outstanding school districts for children in the area. However, which elementary school is the best in the entire state of South Dakota? In particular, which elementary school is the top academic entity in the Sioux Empire?

The website  Niche initiated some research to determine the  best elementary schools in South Dakota . This website worked with other resources such as  U.S. Department of Education  to finalize data and results.  Although a South Dakota elementary school did not rank in the national  2022 Best Public Elementary Schools in America ,  Niche  did identify the best public elementary schools in each state.

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The best public elementary school in South Dakota is actually two hours southwest of Sioux Falls close to the Nebraska border.  South Central Elementary School in Bonesteel, South Dakota reigns supreme in the state. The other top public elementary schools in South Dakota can actually be found right next door to Sioux Falls!

Valley Springs Elementary School in Valley Springs, South Dakota takes the next top spot in Niche's public elementary school ranking in the state.  Brandon Elementary School and Fred Assam Elementary School are the other top local schools.

What do these schools have in common? They are all part of the Brandon Valley School District. Imagine that!

You can view the entire list of top public elementary schools in South Dakota by clicking here.

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