Blake Shelton gave the bottle cop challenge a shot, and he may have ended up having fewer shots for himself as a result.

In the video above, which the "God's Country" singer posted to Instagram on Thursday (July 4), Shelton fails rather epically at the bottle cap challenge, in which the ones being challenged attempt to remove a loose bottle cap from a bottle with a well-placed kick, all without touching the bottle. A number of celebrities have posted their own attempts, some successfully, but unfortunately for the country singer and his 4th of July vodka supply, Shelton doesn't really come anywhere near to succeeding in the video above. He lands a solid kick to the upper third of a bottle of his Smithworks vodka that sends it flying from its perch outside.

It's not clear how much of the contents of the bottle he might have actually lost, but Shelton reacts hilariously in the clip, rushing to the bottle's side like a concerned parent while crying out, "Oh, god, what have I done? What have I done?!"

"I'm sorry, Smithworks!" Shelton wails with a fake sob as he cradles the bottle in his arms and runs inside the house, whisking it away to safety.

Shelton recently teamed with Garth Brooks for a new duet, "Dive Bar." They're slated to give the song its live debut when Shelton joins Brooks onstage at his show on July 19 in Boise, Idaho. Shelton is opening that gig, which is part of Brooks' three-year Stadium Tour.

Shelton has wrapped his 2019 Friends and Heroes Tour, but there are still Blake Shelton tickets available for shows that he's got booked for 2019.

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