Sioux Falls police closed off Leaders Park to the public Tuesday evening as they conducted an investigation surrounding a series of noises that resembled the sound of gunshots emanating from the park.

Sergeant Robert Forster with the Sioux Falls Police Department told KSFY TV, that witnesses reported hearing noises that sounded very similar to that of gunshots shortly after 6 PM on Tuesday, (July 2).

One of the witnesses, Tim Nash, of Sioux Falls, told KSFY, he was in his driveway talking to his brother when they first heard the noises. According to Nash, the sound they heard was different from that of a firework, it was more like the sound a .22 pistol would make.

Nash said five to ten minutes after they heard the first noises, he and his brother heard a couple more sounds that resembled gunshots. Shortly after that, Sioux Falls police arrived.

KSFY reports when police arrived they discovered a man who allegedly had been robbed of some property. The victim claims to have chased the suspects, while in the process of running after them, he too heard a series of gunshots.

Authorities were using social media Tuesday night to ask the public to please stay clear of the Leaders Park area near East 6th Street and North Leaders Avenue as they investigated the area. Police also issued a statement Tuesday evening saying the public was not in danger as a result of the activity happening in the park.

Police have yet to confirm if an actual shooting took place in the park on Tuesday night. However, the park will remain closed to the public as authorities continue to investigate the scene.

Further information regarding this developing story is expected to be released during the 10:30 AM police briefing today.

Source: KSFY TV

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