This is the holiday of summer that everyone gets excited about. The 4th of July is a day that gets most people busy.

I don't know of anyone who just sits at home and does nothing on the 4th. It is a tradition to do certain things.

Actually 88 percent of Americans surveyed plan on celebrating. Retailers know this, and are well stocked with everything from flags to burgers.

Now for the meat of the survey, here are the top five things Americans plan to do:

  1. 66 percent plan on taking part in a cookout or picnic, spending an average of $73.42 per person on just food items
  2. 65 percent of consumers already own a U.S. flagand plan on displaying it
  3. 53 percent own patriotic-themed apparel such as T-shirts, bathing suits or shoes and plan on wearing them
  4. 44 percent of Americans will attend a fireworks show or community celebration
  5. 14 percent will watch a parade

One more thing to add is travel. Like I said earlier, not too many people simply stay home because there are 32.9 million Americans saying they are going to head out of town.



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