Please keep in mind when you check these out, that I'm not the one saying that this list of foods people will grill at some point is weird. Well, okay, some of them are. And, more to the point, some of these will never be grilled in Sioux Falls! Or -- maybe they will. I'm not the boss of Sioux Falls grillers!

I've even been accused of grilling weird stuff like pineapple (which just happens to be delicious with butter & brown sugar brushed on it), or peaches (really good when you take them off the grill and throw them in some white wine or rum). Where was I? Oh yes grilling weird foods.

A OnePoll survey done for Kansas City Steak company came up with some really weird answers to the question, "What unconventional foods have you grilled?". So I distilled it down to twelve, and again, if you're grilling these here in Sioux Falls - God bless you. If you're not grilling these in Sioux Falls  - - God bless you.

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