You can look. But you cannot touch!

Over the past few weeks, deer hunters and outdoor enthusiasts have been sharing pictures back and forth. It's addicting. My brother, Nelson recently purchased a slug of trail cams. If you have a good trail, or scrape or rub they are fascinating to put up and use.

One of the things that really intrigues me is, deer and how they can adapt to wherever and whenever. They do good in the woods, they do well along the river and and the prairie. But some of the places they hang out surprise you.

Last year, I had a tough hunting year. One day I sat all day. I was on deer all day long, but smaller deer or big ones too far out or blocked off by cover. That night I saw a big one: along Cliff Avenue coming back into town. Kinda wonder if this one isn't the monarch that's hanging out here in Sioux Falls. Yep, right across the street from Results Radio at The Outdoor Campus.

If you have a trail cam, you know what I'm talking about. It's fun. Thanks to the folks at The Outdoor Campus for letting us use the picture. He is beautiful!

By the way, time is running out for you to show us your trophy and win great prizes from Scheel's and Manley Tire and Oil.

Here are some of my favorite pics from this fall.

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