So, do you think the hunters in New York City will be looking to set up trail cams and map out hunting strategy? Maybe not, but this is interesting.

We see deer pretty much every day around these parts. If you travel to work early mornings in Sioux Falls you might see deer along 57th Street or Southeastern. But there are some places in the world that you might not expect to see a Whitetail Deer. Like in New York City.

I read today that there is a one-antlered deer who is roaming around Manhattan. So the burning question of the day is how did he get there. Did someone drop him in on a helicopter?

One theory according to The New York Post who have pics of the deer makes sense:

Experts said the hot-to-trot deer — which could pass for a unicorn with his lone horn — may have dashed over Hell Gate Bridge from The Bronx to Randall’s Island before swimming across a stretch of the East River.

We hear all the time of how resilient and adaptable the Whitetail Deer is. We'll see how long this one lasts.

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