If you are a parent, most of the time you don't think twice when using the diaper changing station in the bathroom. Well, now a mother in Indiana is bringing awareness that you should wipe down the changing table and its not just because of germs.

24-year-old Jessica Wayman posted on Facebook a photo of a changing table with black scuff marks on it. Turns out these marks are just not ordinary marks, the scuffs are actually burned marks caused by the spoons that addicts use to heat up drugs.

Addicts use these as tables while they shoot up. There could be residue from heroin or meth. The mom, who is a recovering addict herself, wanted to warn all the unsuspecting parents who would never think something like this when looking at a changing table.

So the next time you are heading to the changing table, make sure you have a package of Clorox wipes with you.

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