Don't be surprised if Grandpa fires up a doobie at the next family reunion.

There's a new survey out that says the Baby Boomers are taking a toke or two more than Generation Z. Of course, being a rather, uh, older person myself, the first thing I asked was 'Who's Generation Z'?

Well, they're talking middle school and high school aged teenagers here.

And what the National Survey on Drug Use and Health found was that 6.7% of the Baby Boomers (they classify them as 55 and older) 'take a hit or two' on a monthly basis, while 6.5% of the 'Z' kids do the same.

Now that's not a whole lot of difference, but the gray hair edge out the kids and that a whole lot different than it was even just 10 years ago.

The report says a decade ago the Grandkid was four times more likely than Grandma to light up.

So when you step out back behind the bleachers at your next football game, it might be a bald headed older fella sneaking a puff, and not that young 'un you might have guessed.

So why the change?

Well, the author of the study says the baby boomers grew up in as era of significant cultural change (think the 60's and 70's) that included a surge in the popularity of marijuana.

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