There are many bakeries around the Sioux Empire that provide delicious sweets for any occasion. Intoxibakes in Sioux Falls, for example, provides yummy desserts with a little extra twist. The local bakery is known as "South Dakota's Original Boozy Bakery."

Intoxibakes is one of the first South Dakota bakeries to infuse alcohol into its desserts. The bakery has "over 70 alcohol-infused flavors of cupcakes that rotate out during the week including Mudslide, Amaretto, Daiquiri, Bourbon Maple Bacon, and many more!" These delightful, boozy desserts are making me hungry!

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Intoxibakes offers and creates both alcoholic and non-alcoholic desserts. Pretty soon there could be a new ingredient added to these treats...marijuana.

Intoxibakes made an announcement of this new baking adventure on its Facebook page. The boozy bakery plans to make these new, medical marijuana desserts thanks to its new partnership with Dakota Herb. This is truly a new step for this family-owned bakery!

Holly, Josie, and Shannon from Intoxibakes can't say too much right now. However, they are excited about this new venture for their business with Dakota Herb. Here is what they told me about this project in an email:

To begin with, we will be creating some fudge, Rice Krispie bars, brownies, and gummies.  We do plan on expanding our product line once we are up and running.

Right now we are only targeting medical until we see what happens with Measure 27.  We would likely expand to both medical and recreational if measure 27 passes.

From reading the comments on the Facebook post, fans of Intoxibakes seem to be very interested in the new cannabis option. Intoxibakes are also in the process of obtaining a license to sell these treats.

For those who are not familiar with Measure 27, this bill ends the prohibition on the possession, distribution, and use of marijuana for persons who are at least 21 years old.

When I went to visit the boozy bakery over the weekend, Intoxibakes officials said the plan is to start selling marijuana-infused desserts by the end of the year or beginning of 2023. Who knows? Maybe your doctor will prescribe you a medical marijuana dessert!

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