First there was the workforce group known as Traditionalists, then Baby Boomers, then Generation X, then Millennials. Well, now get ready for the group labeled Generation Z.

The class of 2018 brought Generation Z into the workforce. And note to the boss - brief is best. Experts say Generation Zers like to keep things short and concise.

They also want responsibility, demand flexible schedules and, again, don't want their time wasted by hearing about a lot of stuff they don't need (or want) to hear about.

According to an article in the New York Times, Generation Zers likes to go and seek out content. They want to go out and get exactly what they need when they need it.

And that applies to all forms of office communication. They only want to learn or hear or see only those things they need to know.

So, bosses - you've been warned. Sounds like you might want to buckle up because it could be a bumpy ride.

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