Sioux Falls is constantly growing every year, especially in the downtown area. As more people are visiting our city, officials are always trying to find innovative ways for visitors to experience Sioux Falls. Bringing scooters to the streets of Downtown Sioux Falls might be that next step. And I'm not talking about the coffee.

One local Sioux Falls family is hoping to bring the dream of scooters to life in Sioux Falls. In fact, if all goes as planned, electric scooters could be the top transportation system in Sioux Falls.

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Our friends at Pigeon605 actually found the family with this progressive idea. Troy Holt and his family have the vision of creating a locally-owned version of Leaf Rides.

Troy and his family discovered Leaf Rides after their recent trip to Duluth, Minnesota. “We’d rented scooters before but hadn’t had a chance to really visit and see a community like we were able to there,” says Troy to Pigeon605.

Honestly, since gas prices continue to soar in the Sioux Empire, the idea of scooters comes at the perfect time.

Before the residents of Sioux Falls start to ditch their cars, there are some steps that must occur. Pigeon605 explains, "First, though, state and city approvals are needed. A bill is making its way successfully through the Legislature, but beginning operations also will require a city ordinance."

Troy and his family have brought this idea to the city's attention in the past. Now after reworking their proposal, they feel like this project is ready for Sioux Falls.

If the scooters are approved, future riders would have to be over 14-years-old to operate the scooters. Furthermore, riders will be required to rent a scooter through an app, and the cost...just $1.

This sounds like it can be an exciting addition to our city! You can read more about the scooters by clicking here. Don't forget, you can always get exclusive Sioux Falls news with Pigeon605 by adopting a pigeon.


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