A traditional Spring notice arrived over the weekend in Sioux Falls telling us to save the date for the annual Kingswood Rummage Sale days.

That means your opportunity to purge stuff from every storage bin, closet, attic, basement, and drawers is coming Wednesday, April 27.

And for some, collectors and pickers alike, what a great time to re-stock for your sale.

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This massive spring rummage event focuses on southwestern Sioux Falls bordering 12th Street to 57th Street and I-29 to the Tea-Ellis Road.

Officially four days, the Kingswood Rumage Sale will mark its 45th Anniversary this year.

Those hanging a sign and raising their garage door to sell items can register on the Kingswood site for $15. The registration deadline is Thursday, April 21.

Want to sell food. By all means. No permit is required. Although if you choose to sell hot food, then you must contact the City of Sioux Falls.


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