Across the pond, tea is the drink of choice. However, Americans love their coffee.

The Daily Meal asked their readers what coffee was their favorite in a variety of categories.

The categories included pre-ground coffee, instant, decaf, cold brew, iced, etc.

Some of the results were surprising, whereas, a couple of them were totally expected.

Now, for the results.

Best Pre-Ground Coffee- Starbucks

Best Instant Coffee- Folgers

Best Decaf Coffee- Dunkin

Best Keurig Coffee- Green Mountain

Best High-End Coffee- Hawaiian Kona Coffee

Best Fast Food Hot Coffee- McDonald's

Best Fast Food Iced Coffee- McDonald's

Best Cold Brew- Starbucks

Best Pre-Bottled Coffee- La Colombe (I've never heard of this one.)

And finally,

Best Coffee Chain- Starbucks (predictable)

Let's circle back real quick to La Colombe, upon further research this stuff looks amazing. They have the usual flavors such as mocha, peppermint mocha, and even pumpkin spice. But they also have a cold brew shandy! What?!?! It is cold press coffee with Sicilian lemon juice. Interesting.

Personally, this is my favorite coffee.

Natasha/Hot 104.7
Natasha/Hot 104.7

An iced super skinny hazelnut latte from Scooters!




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