JD Collins

There's nothing in the world, like having a job that affords you the opportunity to get out of the office and out of town once in a while. This past week, I was able to escape early for a road trip to Oldham, South Dakota. I will have more on that shortly, but my journey took me past some things most people drive by and might realize 'are there right now.'

OK, it's no secret that Amazon is building a behemoth of a building in North Sioux Falls. If you look to the north around the Marion Road exit on I-90 chances are you'll see it. From a distance it is impressive, but when you get a little closer you realize the massiveness of this structure.

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Now, let's talk about the size. According to Dakota News Now;

Amazon says its 640,000 square-foot facilities will open in 2022. The online retailer plans to build a five-story distribution center at Foundation Park.

Here's where things get fun. That 640,000 is the base of the project. The footprint. When you want to get bigger with less area, you go up. I counted 5 stories. That said, when finished this monstrous building will boast nearly 3 million square feet. SiouxFalls.Business reports this would make it “by far” the largest building in Sioux Falls. I'll put it out there right now. Will this now be the biggest building, in the state of South Dakota?

I think it's bigger than Avera or Sanford facilities here in Sioux Falls. It might even little bit larger than the grain storage facility in Kaylor, South Dakota!

This isn't the first we've heard of Amazon in the area. Employment fairs and such are already on. We'll be hearing more and we'll be keeping an eye on Amazon as they keep building here in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

JD Collins
JD Collins

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