Police are looking for the owner of two Pitbulls who police say fled the scene after one of the Pitbulls bit a man at the Family Dog Park on North Ellis Road.

Police say around 11:00 am on Thursday, a woman with two Pitbulls approached a man with two Huskies when one of the Pitbulls began sniffing the Huskies. The Huskies didn't like that and the dogs became aggressive toward each other and a fight ensued. As the man tried to separate the dogs, police say he was bitten by one of the Pitbulls.

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The man told police that the Pitbull owner is a white woman in her 20s, about 5'5" tall with red hair. Police say the woman got into a gray or silver Subaru with Wyoming plates and drove north from the park.

Dakota News Now reports that Sioux Falls Animal Control needs to find the woman and identify the dogs to verify their vaccinations. If you have any information on these dogs or the woman, please call Animal Control at 367-7000.

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