Workers at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport have found many things.  But recently, maintenance workers found one item that should probably be placed in a zoo....not the lost and found.

A small alligator, measuring about one foot long, was found Friday, November 1st, by maintenance workers under an escalator at O’Hare’s Terminal 3.

There is plenty of speculation as to how this small alligator ended up roaming the airport.  Because boarding an airline with an alligator is banned, most are guessing that someone might have been trying to smuggle the creature on the flight before realizing that security was too strict.

The alligator was caught by Department of Aviation workers by using a broom and dustpan.  After being captured, the alligator was examined, was found to be in pretty rough shape, but is now being cared for at the Chicago Herpetological Society.  The goal of the Herpetological Society is to return the allligator to good health and eventually be placed in an out-of-state alligator farm.




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