A large alligator was spotted behind an apartment complex in Jennings, and residents are concerned that an even bigger gator could be nearby.

Tobey Carrier posted a photo of the gator to her Facebook page, claiming that the animal was "a little over 10 feet long. The alligator can be seen wedged between a brick wall and an air conditioning unit, and Carrier says there are signs that another "bigger" alligator is believed to be nearby.

Yall! This was in Jennings, a few blocks away from Boudin King, behind an apartment complex where children and elderly people live! A little over 10 ft long! And they say there's probably another one in the area that's bigger bc of marks they found on this one that show that it was possibly in an altercation with another one and lost! I'm telling Yall, they are out and about! Be aware of your surroundings and watch children! 😳😳

Alligators showing up in backyards can happen for a few reasons. Sometimes it's because the backyard is near where alligators naturally hang out, like swamps or lakes. They are sneakier than you think and can move around on land, wandering into residential areas in search of food or a date.

Another reason could be that their habitats are shrinking due to urban development, so they end up exploring suburban or residential areas, including your backyard.

Oh, and when there's heavy rain or flooding, alligators might swim into unexpected places, like your backyard, seeking higher ground.

If you spot an alligator in your backyard, here's what you should do:

  1. Keep your cool: Don't panic! Take a deep breath and try to stay calm. Alligators are more scared of you than you are of them (hopefully).
  2. Maintain a safe distance: Don't go trying to be buddies with the gator. Keep a good amount of space between you and it, like at least 30 feet. Respect their personal bubble, you know?
  3. Get everyone to safety: Make sure everyone, including your pets, are safely inside the house or a secure area. We don't want anyone thinking they can play "fetch" with the gator.
  4. Give a shout-out to the experts: Call your local wildlife or animal control folks ASAP. Let them know you've got an unexpected visitor in the form of a scaly, toothy gator podnah. They'll know what to do.
  5. Play the role of a secret agent: From a safe spot like a window, keep an eye on the alligator without getting too close. Leave the superhero action to the professionals.
  6. Follow the pros' lead: Once the wildlife authorities arrive, listen to their instructions. They're the experts in handling these situations. They'll decide whether the gator needs relocation or some other course of action.

Remember, don't try to handle the alligator yourself. Leave that to the people who know what they're doing. Safety first, always!

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