Sometimes change is good. However, when it comes to lottery players, some tend to be superstitious and rarely change the numbers they play, especially after using them for six years.

But a woman from Australia did just that. She had been playing the same numbers in the weekly lottery for six years when she changed them up. That fateful decision made her a millionaire, winning a $1.8 million jackpot.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, told officials from The Lott, "I play Saturday Lotto every week and I've been playing the same numbers for six years.

"But you wouldn't believe it, it was a week ago when I decided to change the numbers I've been playing for all these years and that's what won me division one."

And she already has big plans for all that cash, including moving out of her apartment.

"The first thing that came to mind was no more renting," she said. "It will mean everything to me and my family to own our very own home. We're going to buy a big house with a granny flat so all our family can come and stay."

"We'd also love a new car and we'll be helping out our children.

"This will change our lives so much," she said.

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