If there is an increase in something...anything...of over 2000% in one year, well, that's big. Really big.

Imagine if your business had a profit increase of over 2000% in a year. I think the result would be that we'll see ya when you get back from that long vacation!

But something did increase over 2000% in 1994. What was it?


I know, I know, these days everyone has a website. My goodness, how many websites are there? Something around 1.8 billion according to Internet Live Stats. Go ahead, put virtually anything into Google and you'll pull up thousands of websites that have something (no matter how trivial) to do with what you're looking for.

So it's hard to believe (at least for some of us with a little age on us) that when Bill Clinton was inaugurated as President of the United States there were 10.

That's right, in 1992, there were a total of 10 websites in the world. Hard to imagine in this day and age. Of course, the year before there was just one, so that would be an increase of 900%.

From 10 websites in 1992 to 2,738 in 1994 to over 17 million by the year 2000...well, let's just say that websites have increased just a bit since Bill took the oath.

So now perhaps the question should be...what business doesn't have a website?

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