Last year almost all Sioux Falls grocery stores offered home delivery or curbside service. I along with a lot of other folks took advantage of these options.

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Perhaps all this time away from the grocery store isles has caused customers to get a little lax with their shopping etiquette. Have you noticed how people seem to be a bit less responsible when it comes to thoughtful social conduct in our supermarkets?

Readers' Digest did and put out a list of the Rude Things You Probably Shouldn’t Be Doing at the Grocery Store. Here are the Top 5:

1.  Don't leave your cart in the middle of the parking lot.  It blocks parking spaces, and it's just annoying.  Take the extra 30 seconds to return it.

2.  Don't leave the checkout line to go grab another item.  If the line is three people deep and you're still waiting, fine.  But once you're checking out, you can't leave.

3.  Don't block the aisle with your cart.  Move it to the side so other people can get by.  We're still in a pandemic, so no one wants to touch your cart to move it.

4.  Gaming the "10 items or less" lane.  Don't line up with 15 items and expect no one to notice.  A recent poll found 89% of us think "10 items or less" should be a strict rule, and even 11 isn't okay.

5.  Letting your kids misbehave.  The grocery store isn't a jungle gym.  They can have fun and be kids.  Just don't let them get too crazy.

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