Natural Grocers, a food store dedicated to health and well-being, is opening it's door in Sioux Falls on July 27 and will celebrate with a grand opening full of prizes and rewards. The health food chain is America's largest family-owned and operated organic and natural grocery store.

According to our news gathering partners, Dakota News Now, the first store will open at 2601 S. Louise Ave., Suite 300.

“Natural Grocers is thrilled to expand our family-run stores to the folks in South Dakota. When searching for new markets, we always look for areas in which we can serve the existing community with our Always Affordable pricing on the best organic and natural products available. With its beautiful natural landscape, abundant outdoor activities, and a vibrant cultural and food scene, Sioux Falls is a great fit for the first Natural Grocers store in South Dakota. We’re excited to meet the community and offer an engaging, friendly shopping experience with our world-class customer service.” ~ Raquel Isely, Vice President of Marketing for Natural Grocers

Opening day, July 27, has great ways to win just for visiting the open house festivities, including gift cards ($5 - $500) for the first 150 customers, deep produce discounts, an Aventon e-bike, and a prize wheel you can spin for extra prizes.

The new Sioux Falls Natural Grocers will be the first in South Dakota.

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We're excited to see the new store. It's also nice to see their dedication to local services like Feeding South Dakota. Natural Grocers will be donating five cents per shopping trip each time a customer brings their own bags.

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