I'm the farthest thing from a political expert nor do I dabble in the world of politics all that often and in fact, consider myself an independent from both parties.

I leave that up to my guys on 1140 KSOO in Sioux Falls and specifically my guys Rick Knobe, Dan Peters and Todd Epp on Viewpoint University (Shameless Plug).

I digress - anyways, a friend of mine on Facebook posted this article on "10 Reasons To Vote Republican" and I must be completely transparent, his post was titled "The fastest way to piss off my Republican friends...: ) I had to."

Since we live here in South Dakota in one of the most dominated Republican states in the US, I thought I might just poke the bear or I guess in these terms the elephant a bit.

Here are the 10 reasons listed in the article:

  1. You are a bigot
  2. You like eating, drinking and breathing poison.
  3. You think the rich don't have enough money
  4. You don't support our veterans
  5. You like big deficits
  6. You don't believe in free speech.
  7. You like big government
  8. You want government to hurt people, but not help them
  9. You are greedy, short sighted and rich
  10. You like torture

You can read the full reasons in the article: "10 Reasons To Vote Republican".


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