Carver Bleyenburg has a vision. A car that would double as a submarine.

It was the internet giant Google that asked first. Then, kindergartners at Sioux Falls Christian School were asked to envision something that would make the world a better place. A submarine car sounds like a good place to start. It would sure cut down the commute time around Wall Lake.

"I would invent a submarine car that you can drive on land, but also drive in the water." - Carver Bleyenburg

After entries were submitted to the state level of competition, Google's team of guest judges chose 'Submarine Car." Now, the competition goes national where Carver's doodle could win the grand prize of a $30,000 scholarship and his school, Sioux Falls Christian, would receive the $50,000 Google for Education grant to help with the school's technology department.

car sub

Carver noted that with his invention "people could see all of God's creation that is under the water."

To vote for Carver's drawing, vote here, and click on the Submarine Car.

Good luck, Carver!

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