You don't see a lot of babies named Clarence anymore.

And some of the names I do see attached to babies are...well, interesting. Now, don't get me wrong, it's your kid, name him or her what you want.

None of my business. But I've found with some of these moniker's, not only can't I spell them, i can't even pronounce them.

So when I bumped onto a website called Mental Floss, I paused to check out what they had to say about names. And it turns out you can pretty much tell how old someone is by their name.

They go through generation by generation, from all the way back to the 'Lost Generation' (1883-1900) through Generation Z (2005-Now).

Geez, what's the next one, the 'I dunno' generation?

Anyway, without going through each and every generation (you can do that here) these folks say if you're name is Linda, Judy or Gail you're probably a Baby Boomer girl. The Baby Boomer guys? Hello Gary, Larry and Dennis. (Spooky, I have a brother Larry and he's a Baby Boom kid).

If I say 'Hi Tammy, Tracy or Tonya' to a young lady, pretty good chance she's a Gen X'er. For the Gen X fella's, you're either Todd, Scott or Chad. Nice to meet ya.

You Millennial's are getting sophisticated. Howdy Brittany, Chelsea and Kelsea. And hi there Cody, Zachary and Kyle.

The Generation Z kid's, the youngest of the bunch...well, those cute little girls are Addison, Nevaeh and Zoey while the boys carry around the moniker's Ayden, Aidan and Jayden. (Hey, I got an Ayden in the!)

Now it might all be BS, but I saw it on the internet, so it must be true.

I'm a tad disappointed Dad and Mom are nowhere to be seen. Nope, not a Marvin or Henrietta in the bunch.


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