When you are first handed your brand-new bundle of joy at the hospital, you may already have the "perfect" name picked out for your little one. But often times, parents say they want to wait to see the new addition to their family before giving the baby it's "forever moniker."

Picking the right name can be tricky, and new parents and parents-to-be have read just about every baby name list that has been published including the Most Popular Names for Baby Girls List and the Cutest Boy Names List. But now, the folks at Reddit have come up with (what THEY consider!) to be the Worst Baby Names of 2016 - So Far.

As the website The Stir says, here's hoping your sweet bundle of joy's name didn't make the list, but if it did, at least the chosen name was - popular? (Just maybe not the way you had hoped it would be!)

Don't be the parent of the kid that grows up asking, "why did they name me THAT?" Here are the Top 10 Worst Baby Names, but you are invited to check out the COMPLETE list of what Reddit considers to be the WORST Baby Names of 2016 - so far.

Source: The Stir


  • 1


    Yes, you are reading that correctly. It is not a typo. This name for a little girl ALMOST could be the beautiful name Elizabeth, but it could also end up being "Lizard Breath" to the classroom bully.

  • 2


    This name for a boy almost gives the impression of "strength". The name might have to give some extra strength to the recipient - because it sounds like it could be from either a Harry Potter movie or from The Lord of the Rings.

  • 3


    Enter the names that are spelled almost like they sound. Why make it any more difficult for a little girl to find anything in a store with her name on it? If you like the name Olivia, maybe just stick with the original spelling?

  • 4


    Another name that is spelled completely different! If you are looking at this name and just not seeing what it says, imagine the problems his teachers will have in the future! Need some help? Take out the "h", add an "e" between the "v" and the "r", substitute the "y" for an "i" and replace the "ch" with a "ck".  Yes, this name is Maverick.

  • 5


    Reddit users were not a fan of this "classic" name that some parents have tried to make "chic" again, by changing up one of the most important letters. Add a "b" and the name Beverly becomes Beberly.

  • 6


    Not only is this a noun, but now it is also a proper noun. Danger does have a bit of an edge to it, and many even consider this borderline "cool", however, Danger has now become a name that can be given to both a boy and a girl.

  • 7

    Little Sweetmeat

    Really? Seriously? It's hard to believe, but there are actually parents that think this is the perfect name for their brand new bundle of joy! Is there ANY explanation to this name?

  • 8


    Before you try to figure this one out, allow me to give you a little help. On a piece of paper, write this name in big letters. Then, go to a mirror and hold that piece of paper up. Check out the reflection. Yup, you are seeing that correctly - it's backwards.

  • 9

    C' andre

    The pronunciation of this baby name is actually "see Andre". (Nope, not a hard "c" sound like in the word clock. it's more of a soft "c" - like what you do with your eyes.)

  • 10


    When you first see this name, you might think, "Wait, I know someone with that name!". No, it's not Colin like Colin Kaepernick (the football player). Even though this name may be said the same way, the spelling is what Reddit users detested, saying that when someone first sees this name - say, written on a piece of paper - with this spelling, someone will immediately think "body part".