Sioux Falls Golf is a very busy place during the golf season. Of course, over the last several years, golf season has reappeared in normally "non-golf" months.

It hasn't been unheard of for the courses to open in October, November, December, and other unusually warm days around the year.

For golf hounds, these warm wintry golf rounds are a thing of beauty. But you don't have to be a golfer, or even a golf fan to appreciate an event being sponsored by Sioux Falls Golf this evening (Friday, January 28).

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All you have to do is love Bingo! This evening (Friday, January 28) at 6:30 in the Prairie Green Clubhouse the fun begins. You can get as many lucky Bingo cards as you want,  and they're only $10 each.

There will be a bunch of fun prizes to win, a free taco bar because everyone knows all that Bingo action will work up an appetite, and of course beer, wine, and cocktails you can purchase.

This is a family-friendly event, so bring your kids too. Kids love Bingo. Just ask them! In any case, they love yelling "Bingo"! And, no worries, there will be soft drinks for you and them to have with the delicious munchies.

Social hour starts at 6:30 PM and Bingo action starts at 7 PM.

This would also be a great place to gather with friends and co-workers to hang out and wind down after a long week. Just don't forget your "Bingo daubers". Those brightly colored marker-like thingys, that make Bingo even more fun!


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