In these COVID-19 times we are all seeing lots of things we never thought we'd see. Case and point, the set of procedures the Sioux Falls Golf courses are having to implement in order to open up 2 of their driving ranges.

I've been golfing for a lot of years. If you are a golfer you know how therapeutic a round on the links can be. So a big Thank You to all the great folks at Prairie Green and Elmwood for all the effort that they are taking to provide a safe environment for golfers to get outdoors and practice their game.

Both Prairie Green and Elmwood announced that they will be open beginning Tuesday, March 31 at 11 am until 6 pm. These are the new Safety Steps they are taking at the ranges:

Step 1: Purchase Bucket At Check-In Window
Step 2: Show Receipt To Range Shack Attendant
Step 3: Attendant Will Safely Sanitize Basket
Step 4: Attendant Fills Bucket With Sanitize Balls
Step 5: Attendant Directs You To Your Spot
Step 6: Swing Away Knowing You Are Safe!

Game On!

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