Now, it seems that 'what's inside the machine' and what you could buy is getting bigger. And more expensive.

Times change, people change and evidently, the way you can buy a car is changing too!  The auto industry is adapting to a changing world. Whether it's supply chain issues, computer chip shortages the way we buy automobiles seems to be morphing and changing every day. Today we learn that neighboring state Minnesota has a new way to buy a car coming...a Car Vending Machine.

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Perhaps you've seen the commercials for Carvana. Most of the Carvana 'vending machine' shops are situated in major metropolitan areas, mostly on the east coast. That's about to change as plans are being made to bring a 'vending machine' way of buying a vehicle to Minnesota.

According to a story in Bring Me The News,

The company submitted a letter of intent and a concept plan to the City of Brooklyn Center to buy a 3.5-acre, city-owned parcel at 1601 James Circle N for $2 million to build a fulfillment center, according to meeting minutes from the City Council's Jan. 10 work session.

If you take a look at the building, it does kind of look like a vending machine.

The vending machine would feature a glass structure up to 10 stories tall to house vehicles. It would be Carvana's first vending machine in Minnesota — the closest is currently in Oak Brook, Illinois.

There seem to be two kinds of buyers. Those who want to sit in the car and smell the smell and have someone to show them some of the options. Then there is the car buyer who does most of their shopping staring at a screen full of options and locations to buy a car.

How about you? Is the car buying experience something you would rather do without? Or would you rather try it before you buy it?



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